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Maximize Bliss

Simple solutions to organize your home & life.


Getting Started


Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. 

Before beginning any client engagement, we complete an initial consultation and project assessment. The initial consultation and assessment are provided at no charge to potential clients. 

Service Offerings


Clutter Reduction & Minimization

Looking to reduce clutter and excess to simplify your life?  We can help you gain the skills required to evaluate possessions and to let go of items that are no longer useful to you.

Home Organization

We are your go-to partner for a full range of organizing projects from individual rooms to whole-home organizing.

Office & Business Organization

We engage in small projects such as organizing office supply cabinets to large projects focused on optimizing the flow of your office space.

File Organization

Overwhelmed by paper or electronic files?  We can help create file structures to organize your information.

Collection Cataloging

We can develop cataloging and storage solutions to enable you to keep track of items in your collection.

Custom Calendar & Planner Design

Just can't find a calendar / planner that works for you and your family?  We design custom calendar and planner formats to meet your unique needs.

Custom Lists & Document Design

Need some other type of customized list or tracking document?  We can design those too!